Server Status Checker

A server status checker is a tool that allows you to check the status and availability of a server. It can check if a server is online, reachable, and responsive. The tool can also check for specific services running on the server, such as web server, email server, database server, etc.

It can also check the server's resources usage like CPU, memory, storage and network usage.

A server status checker can be useful for system administrators, network engineers, and website developers to monitor the health and performance of servers, troubleshoot server issues, and ensure that the services running on the server are accessible and responsive.

There are several free and paid server status checker tools available, like Nagios, PRTG Network Monitor, Zabbix, and many more. These tools can be installed on the server or on a separate monitoring system, and can monitor one or multiple servers at the same time, and send notifications when any issues are detected.