Meta Tag Generator

A meta tag generator is a tool that helps website owners create meta tags for their web pages. Meta tags are HTML tags that provide metadata about a web page, including information about the page's content, keywords, and description. They are placed in the head section of a web page's HTML code, and are invisible to users but can be read by search engines.

The two most commonly used meta tags are the "meta description" and "meta keywords" tags. The "meta description" tag is used to provide a brief summary of the page's content, which is usually displayed in search engine results, while the "meta keywords" tag is used to provide a list of relevant keywords for the page.

Meta tag generators typically have a user-friendly interface that allows you to enter information about your web page, such as the page title, description, and keywords. The tool will then generate the appropriate meta tags for you to include in the HTML code of your web page. Some website building platforms, like WordPress, have built-in meta tag generators. There are also a number of free online meta tag generators available.