Open Graph Generator

Open Graph (OG) tags are a type of meta tag that are used to optimize the way a webpage is displayed when shared on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These tags provide information about the webpage such as the title, description, and image to be used when the webpage is shared on social media.

An Open Graph Generator is a tool that allows you to create the OG tags for your webpage. The Open Graph protocol is defined by a set of meta tags that you can place in the head of your HTML document. These tags include:

  • og:title - The title of your webpage
  • og:type - The type of content on your webpage
  • og:image - The image that represents your webpage
  • og:url - The URL of your webpage
  • og:description - A brief description of the content on your webpage

Once you have the tags, you need to include them in the head of your HTML document, and validate them using the Facebook Sharing Debugger, to check if there are any issues with the tags.

It's worth noting that in addition to Open Graph tags, Twitter uses a different set of tags called Twitter Cards, so you may also want to consider generating Twitter Cards for your website as well.