HTTP Status Code Checker

An HTTP status code checker is a tool that allows you to check the HTTP status code returned by a web server for a specific URL. HTTP status codes are three-digit numbers that indicate the status of a web server's response to a client's request. They are used to inform the client of the outcome of the request and provide additional information about the status of the requested resource.

Some of the most common HTTP status codes include:

  • 200 OK: The request was successful and the requested resource was returned.
  • 301 Moved Permanently: The requested resource has been permanently moved to a new URL.
  • 404 Not Found: The requested resource could not be found on the server.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: An error occurred on the server and the request could not be completed.

A HTTP status code checker tool typically allows you to enter a URL, and then returns the HTTP status code that is returned by the web server when it receives a request for that URL. This can be useful for troubleshooting website issues, as well as for checking if your redirects are working properly