YouTube Video Statistics

YouTube video statistics refer to the data and metrics that are collected and provided by YouTube to show the performance and engagement of a video. These statistics can provide valuable insights into how a video is performing and how it is being received by viewers. Some examples of YouTube video statistics include:

  • Views: the number of times the video has been watched
  • Watch time: the total amount of time people have spent watching the video
  • Audience retention: how long viewers are watching the video compared to its total length
  • Engagement: the number of likes, comments, and shares the video has received
  • Demographics: information about the age, gender, and location of the video's viewers
  • Traffic sources: where viewers are coming from to watch the video (e.g. YouTube search, external websites, etc)

These statistics can be accessed by the video's uploader through YouTube Studio, a free web-based application, which allows video creators to upload, manage, and track the performance of their videos on YouTube. It also allows the uploader to get insights on the audience, monetize the video, and check the video's compliance with YouTube's guidelines.